By   August 23, 2016

Accommodations in School for ADHD?accommodations for ADHD in schools

Do you receive calls and or notes from teachers about your child?

Does your student receive zeros for work not completed or not turned in?


  • Poor attention, impulsivity, and distractibility coupled with difficulty remembering to write down assignments and remembering to turn in assignments are very COMMON in ADHD
  • All children with the diagnosis of ADHD are eligible for accommodations in school up through college. You must advocate for your student to receive accommodations.
  • Plan 504 is the public school document listing accommodations agreed upon by school officials and parents.
  • IEP, Individual Education Plan, is typically used for students with learning issues such as reading disorder and others, and may also include accommodations for ADHD. Students must have testing demonstrating learning disabilities and/or speech difficulties.

Process to establish ACCOMMODATIONS:

  • Parents must request a meeting with school officials. School counselor, teachers and sometimes administration officials will attend.
  • You will need to have medical documentation of the diagnosis of ADHD.
  • At this meeting, you and the school will decide what accommodations may be helpful for your student.

Suggestions for accommodations

  1. Cues from teachers to stay on task by either nonverbal, verbal or physical signals
  2. Place the student in the classroom where distractions will be minimized
  3. Reinforce positive attentive behaviors with praise, positive reinforcements
  4. Allow fidget buddies to keep hands occupied when students should be listening
  5. Request a peer who assists with note taking and writing down/turning in assignments
  6. Request teacher to “chunk” assignments-giving smaller amounts of work at one time
  7. Allow student to take tests in an environment with less distraction
  8. Allow extended time for tests and exams including standardized testing
  9. Provide the student and or parent a copy of notes, assignments, and study guides
  10. Frequent feedback and communication between parent, student, and teacher

If there are associated learning disabilities that have been diagnosed by psycho-educational testing through the school or through private psychological services, your student may qualify for an IEP, individualized educational plan.  IEP’s also provide classroom accommodations if needed.

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