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Tips for Teens Driving

TIPS FOR TEENS Behind the Wheel
How to keep yourself out of harm’s way

Take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor. The use of medications for ADHD has been found to improve driving performance in teens with ADHD.  The medication decreases errors caused by inattentiveness.
Turn OFF your cell phone.  If it’s off you won’t be tempted to answer it or text while driving or at a light. There is no message that is so urgent you need to die for it.

Drive alone or with only one friend.  Your friends are fun, but they are distracting. Driving alone is the safest. If you have company – keep it to one friend. The more friends you have the more distractions.

Set all the controls before you start to drive so you can focus on the road
Set the radio station
Set the climate controls
Adjust the mirrors

Slow down – drive within the speed limit

Do you need to be convinced?
Check out the statistics:

Accidents – Teens with ADHD
4 – 6 times more likely to have traffic accidents
3 times as likely to have injuries
4 times more likely to be at fault
6 – 8 times more likely to have their license suspended
Speeding – Teens with ADHD
Have 3 times as many speeding citations

Is it ADHD or Anxiety? Special Event in Mauldin SC

Is it ADHD or Anxiety? How can you tell the difference?

Join two of Greenville’s top professionals in the medical and therapeutic field of childhood concerns to discuss definitions, diagnoses and treatments of ADHD and Anxiety as it relates to the health and welfare our children.

Jennifer D. Massey, LISW-CP, Clinical Director of Still Wind Ministries. Mrs. Massey directs the Challenging Horizon’s Program in Greenville. Challenging Horizon’s is nationally recognized by SAMSHA as a quality empirically based program for ADHD.

Dr. Sheila Woods, Greenville ADHD Specialists, P.A., is dedicated to the treatment of children and adults struggling with ADHD. Dr. Woods sees patients ages 4 through 25.

WHEN: Thursday April 9th, 2015 @ 6:30pm

WHERE: Messiah Lutheran Church, 1100 Log Shoals Rd. Mauldin, SC

INFORMATION: The event is FREE, but donations will be accepted to support program scholarships

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

Ask the experts

Ask the Expert Online Chats

CHADD’s National Resource Center on ADHD hosts monthly online webcasts with leading experts in the field of ADHD. These webcasts are FREE and anyone can participate. Chat participants can submit questions to be answered by the expert. You can register for upcoming Ask the Expert Webcasts and view recordings of previous Ask the Experts.


Upcoming Webcasts:


     Feb. 24, 2015   3 PM

John WillsonFinding the Right Summer Camp for Your Child Affected by ADHD

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Martin WetzelA Pattern of Struggles: ADHD and the Older Adult

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     March 25, 2015   3 PM

George DuPaulWhen Preschoolers have ADHD

By George DuPaul, PhD


     April 14, 2015   3 PM

Jerom SchultzThe Social/Emotional Side of ADHD: What to Know and What to Do. Guidelines for Mental Health Clinicians

By Jerome Schultz, PhD
     April 29, 2015  3 PM

Susan PinskyGetting Organized with ADHD

By Susan C. Pinsky

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Press Release South Carolina Greenville ADHD Specialists Using FDA Cleared Test for Evaluation of ADHD


Greenville ADHD Specialists, P.A. is open and accepting new patients, both children and adults for evaluation and management of ADHD.  Our practice utilizes Qb Test, the first objective test in the world to be cleared by the FDA for measuring hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity in both the initial diagnosis phase and treatment evaluation phase.  This enables us to determine the effects of treatment and optimize dosage to prevent overmedication and undermedication of patients.  Dr. Heather Brannon and Dr. Sheila Woods obtain subjective information about symptoms from patients themselves, parents, caregivers, teachers, and others interacting with our patients; and perform a computer-based test, Qb test, that combines a test of attention ability with a movement analysis based on an infrared measurement system.  This combination of subjective and objective information along with the clinical expertise of our doctors helps ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.
We provide exceptional, personalized diagnosis and treatment of AD/HD based on good medical evidence and the time we spend understanding our patients. Greenville ADHD Specialists is the only ADHD clinic in South Carolina using FDA approved Qb test for the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

For further information, please contact us:
Greenville ADHD Specialists, P.A.
211 E. Butler Rd. Suite C1
Mauldin, SC 29662
Phone: 864-305-1662
Fax: 864-751-5773
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