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What is involved in diagnosing my child’s adhd?

What is involved with diagnosing my child’s ADHD?

It is extremely important to know for sure whether your child has ADHD before you consider treatment options. At Greenville ADHD Specialists, P.A. we are committed to making the correct diagnosis for your child, adolescent, young adult, and even you.

adhdawareness1Until 6 years ago (4 years ago in the United States), the only available diagnostic tools available were subjective screening instruments usually completed by the parent and the teacher. We still utilize these tools because it is incredibly helpful to have the parents’ and teacher’s views of their child’s attention, activity, impulsivity, and overall functioning. These tools are known as Vanderbilt Parent Initial Assessment Scale and Vanderbilt Teacher Initial Assessment Scale. Relying solely on these responses, however, led to a number of underdiagnosed and over diagnosed cases of ADHD. Qb tech, a company originated in Sweden, developed an excellent computer based test to measure every millimeter of head motion (activity), how much attention, and how much impulsivity is present during a continuous performance task; pressing a button for every correct target that appears on the screen and not pressing the button for incorrect targets. The best piece of information that Qb test provides is the comparison between your child’s responses and the control group made up of the same age, same gender children without ADHD. These control groups are robust in numbers and so children with increased activity, poor attention, and/or impulsivity can be identified.   These 3 symptoms are the core symptoms of ADHD and a child can have one, two, three or any combination of the three in order to be diagnosed with ADHD. The FDA approved the Qb test for use in diagnosis of ADHD and also for use in monitoring and optimizing medication if this is the treatment chosen.

On occasion we also utilize the CNS Vital Signs computer based test of neuropsychological function to help screen for learning disabilities and other causes of attention problems.

The assessment of your child includes gathering medical history information, collecting Vanderbilt Assessment scales, administering the Qb test, administering the CNS Vital Signs test if indicated, and a thorough clinical interview with your child and you. We will explain the results and offer treatment options based on the diagnosis.

Most importantly, we will listen to you and your child as we navigate the diagnosis and treatment of your child’s problems. Our new patient appointments are scheduled so that every patient has plenty of time with our doctor to review the information and test results. Greenville ADHD Specialists, P.A. is the only practice in the upstate providing Qb testing and expertise in diagnosis and management of ADHD in children and adults. Please call our office at 864-305-1662 for any questions.