Our Services

  • Administer the QbTest, an objective measurement of the core symptoms of ADHD
  • Obtain psychiatric rating scale assessments, including Vanderbilts, symptom checklists and questionnaires
  • For some patients we administer CNS Vital Signs, a neuropsychological testing battery to evaluate the neurocognitive status and functions of the brain, including simple motor performance, attention, memory, and executive functions
  • Perform a thorough clinical interview
  • Review and explain test results, and may suggest further testing if necessary
  • Provide individualized treatment plans, including medication options and behavior modification techniques
  • Provide prescriptions accompanied with complex medication management for ADHD and associated comorbidities

What is QbTest?

QbTest is a FDA cleared computer based test, for ages 6 to 60, that measures the core symptoms associated with ADHD including hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention/distractibility.

The test results are presented in a report that compares your results with a non-ADHD group of people of the same age and gender.

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