Overcome your frustration and achieve greatness!

Greenville ADHD Specialists is here to help you understand and overcome the frustration you have been experiencing. The disorder known as ADHD has been around for a very long time and more folks are becoming aware that they or their loved ones may be affected. The medical technology to diagnose ADHD has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. When using these powerful tools, our medical doctors are able to help patients make dramatic improvements overcoming their ADHD symptoms.

Rather than just writing a prescription based on a few symptoms that may or may not be ADHD related, our approach takes into account the whole person, along with their challenges and needs. Since our clinic is owned and operated by board certified medical doctors using the latest in diagnostic technology, they take the time to actually listen to you and custom tailor your diagnosis and treatment to your special situation.

When was the last time a doctor actually listened to you?

Our treatment model revolves around ongoing communication in order to maintain the highest level of efficient management of your ADHD. We believe that email is one of the most useful tools for helping teacher, parents, patients and spouses to have the easiest access to our staff in regards to treatment as well as management of the most common side effects and medication dosage titration. If you or a loved one are experiencing a lack of focus or think you may be suffering from ADHD, then get in touch with us today and set an appointment to learn how we can help you overcome your frustration and achieve greatness!

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